About Us

Since 2003, we’ve provided our clients with a consultative-style approach that dramatically reduces transportation and supply chain expenses. Through our Audit, Business Intelligence, Optimization and TMS service offerings, we uncover unnecessary, hidden expenses and present our findings as unbiased, actionable data.

Long-standing industry experience, detailed negotiation capabilities, and our proprietary software suite, FreightOptics, enable us to assist our clients in reducing erroneous shipping charges, thereby improving the bottom line with minimal time involvement required.

We serve all modes, both domestic and international: Courier, Small Parcel, Less Than Truckload, Truckload, International Air and Ocean, and Ocean Contracts direct with Steamship Lines.

Our Team

Our team comes armed with decades of carrier and client-side experience in sales and operations. With this experience came the knowledge that most customers don’t have the time, technology or expertise to negotiate favorably with their carriers.

Zero Down levels the playing field.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve supply chain savings and efficiencies through our best-in-class auditing and optimization services, the latest in business intelligence, and our cutting-edge transportation management system, all powered by our proprietary, industry-leading technology, FreightOptics.

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Brad McBride

Brad McBride is a logistics industry professional with more than 30 years of experience. He launched Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions in 2003 to make an impact on the traditional industry practices that weigh businesses down. Through Zero Down, Brad works with clients both international and domestic to reduce shipping costs by 15-25%, and achieve best-in-class carrier contracts covering all modes of transportation.

In 2016, Brad launched FreightOptics, a disruptive new logistics technology created to level the playing field for shippers everywhere. The mobile-friendly, cloud-based software is a data hub that provides one login access to view all modes, gain visibility, and maintain control of logistics expenses. By leveraging the revolutionary technology of FreightOptics with the experience and expertise of his Zero Down team, Brad focuses on his core mission: helping clients achieve value and efficiency that positively impact their bottom line.