Covid-19 is Now Endemic, but GSR Waivers Shouldn’t Be

gsr waiver

Recently, the World Health Organization officially declared that the global health emergency caused by Covid-19 should end. This announcement comes as a relief to billions of people around the world but is particularly positive news for the supply chain industry. For three years now, the shortages and bottlenecks brought about by the devastating effects of […]

The Demand of Supplies

transportation spend management system

Before the Pandemic, logistics were largely taken for granted. A company’s supply chain was simply how it acquired the units it eventually sold to its customers, a step towards the actual core competency. Getting the goods to the right market was something that needed to be done, certainly, but not a major concern for leaders.  Simpler […]

Reshaping Your Supply Chain for the Modern World

Supply Chain Solutions

Today’s world operates on scales and timelines previously unheard of throughout human history. More and more, sweeping global changes take place over the course of days, if not hours, affecting billions of people at a time. And there’s no sign of things slowing down. The massive upheavals brought about by the previous pandemic served as […]

Network Optimization: UPS Begins Negotiations with Teamsters

network optimization

For months now, there has been an undercurrent of trepidation in the parcel market. Shippers everywhere have been nervously watching the clock, counting down the days until the current collective bargaining agreement between UPS and the Teamsters union expires. That deadline is rapidly approaching, and the WSJ is reporting that UPS has indeed begun negotiations […]

Supply Chain Visibility: Accuracy Beats Speed

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Since the last pandemic, e-commerce orders have been surging. During lockdown, shoppers had no choice but to buy online, and the ability of businesses to deliver goods directly to a customer’s front door was vital. After the worst of the crisis though, e-commerce and home delivery options continued to be in high demand. Customers grew […]

Network Optimization: Restructure to Move Forward

network optimization

“What I’m saying is, we want to make fewer trips to Mars.”  FedEx Ground CEO John Smith   Based on internal projections, FedEx predicts their trucking fleet will cover 3.4 billion miles this year, or roughly 100 trips to Mars. This absolutely absurd amount of travel has forced them to start restructuring their current business units: […]

Zero Down Named Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Provider

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Zero Down is proud to announce we have been named as one of Inbound Logistics Top 100 IT Providers for 2023. We work hard to provide our clients with the latest digital tools to improve their supply chains, and we’re honored to hear the experts agree. If you’re looking for logistics solutions, our Transportation Spend […]

Freight Audit & Pay: Allocation and Reconciliation

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In this week’s blog post, we wanted to give some much-needed love to all the accounting teams out there. When you crunch the numbers (pun intended), accounting departments touch every facet of the business, from leadership to operations to human resources, all the way down to the customers themselves. They are the connective tissue that binds organizations […]

Freight Audit & Pay: How to Offset Concerns Over Inflation

freight audit & pay

Markets, including the freight market, are made up of individuals. So, when individual consumers are reporting rising angst about inflation, it’s safe to say that those same concerns will eventually be reflected in marketplaces around the United States. The freight market, and on a larger scale the supply chain industry as a whole, has just […]

Transportation Management System: Taking Advantage of Reduced Transportation Costs

transportation management system

In the latest edition of the Logistics Managers Index, industry experts are reporting that transportation costs are plummeting at unprecedented rates. While the overall economic outlook for the logistics sector is down (in-line with seasonal expectations following the peak season rush), this reduction in transportation costs provides a massive opportunity for any shippers poised to […]

Freight Audit & Pay: Avoiding Fees

transportation spend management system

Large markets like the transportation sector take time to shift, but in the end, everything is cyclical. For the past few years, fueled largely by the supply chain chaos caused from the global Pandemic, carriers have been the ones calling the shots. Across the board, fees were added, rates increased, and service guarantees all but disappeared. […]

Supply Chain Visibility: Same Day/Next Day Shipping

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E-Commerce is all the rage again (still?). Companies from Shopify, to Target, to Amazon are investing heavily in the coming years to expand their e-commerce logistics and fulfillment divisions. The goal is to increase their ability to meet demand for online purchasing with Same Day or Next Day shipping. Not only do today’s customers want access […]