Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions Upgrades Best-In-Class Technology Platform with More User-Friendly Features and Advanced Options

ZD powered by FO

ZDSCS has just launched the newest version of their proprietary advanced logistics platform, FreightOptics, positioning themselves at the forefront of Supply Chain Business Intelligence. The most advanced logistics technology software on the market just got better. As more and more companies rely on e-commerce to meet customer demands, Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions and their […]

Packaging Analysis: Are You Shipping Air?

packaging analysis

Supply Chain Efficiency Savy shippers are always looking for savings, and here at Zero Down, finding savings is what we do best. On this blog we write a lot about Audit and Optimization, as those are two important ways to increase supply chain visibility and save money on transportation costs. But there are other areas […]

When Shipping Goes Wrong: The Importance of Filing Carrier Claims


Content Originally found on: These days, the logistics industry is truly a global force. It drives or contributes to every marketplace, physical or digital, anywhere in the world. Modern supply chains span entire countries and multiple continents, calling on numerous carriers to transport materials from suppliers and manufacturers to countless customers, all in record […]

What Is a Freight Audit & How to Find the Best Auditor?

Freight Auditor doing a Audit

What Is a Freight Audit? A freight audit is straightforward in theory, but complex in practice. Simply put, a freight audit involves looking over invoices from transportation providers to ensure accuracy. Because a freight audit examines the invoices for billing errors, freight audit companies will usually offer to pay the invoices as well. Most of […]

Tips for Mastering Parcel Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

  How Does Parcel Contract Negotiation Work? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a parcel carrier: service, punctuality, quality, etc. All these things are important, and they all influence the relationship between shippers and their carriers. But, if you asked decision makers what the most important factor is when it comes […]

3 Ways to Solve Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Supply Chain Bottlenecks

  The last two years have been a watershed moment for the logistics industry. The effect of the global pandemic on shipping during this time has been immense, and doesn’t seem to be going away. Shippers have had to deal with fluctuations in prices, shifting demand, shortages, excess inventory, and delays at every stage. All […]

Freight Audit: How You Can Mitigate Rising Transportation Costs

freight audit transportation costs

Gas Prices Are Soaring as Inventory Hits All-Time High According to the latest report from the Logistics Manager’s Index, March was a tough month for shippers. While inventory levels across the country are at an all-time high, transportation capacity is stretched to the max. And with sustained Russian aggression in Ukraine, gas prices continue to […]

The 2022 GRI: What You Need to Know

General Rate Increase (GRI)

At A Glance With the end of January rapidly approaching, and many companies having already launched their annual initiatives for the new year, now is the perfect time to take a deep breath, and a good long look around. With that in mind, we here at Zero Down would like to point out some information […]

The Future of Freight: Freight Audit Software

Freight Audit Software

What is Freight Audit Software? “. . . CFO’s rated adaptability to new technologies as the top skill for new hires.” Financial Executives International Technology continues to change the way we do business. Data analysis and predictive modeling skills are quickly becoming requirements, as opposed to oddities, as more and more SAAS (Software as a […]

Supply Chain Visibility: See What Your Business is Missing

supply chain visibility

What is Supply Chain Visibility? In the broadest sense, supply chain visibility, or SCV, is the ability of a company to identify and track every piece of their product line from the beginning of its production life cycle, to the moment it’s sold to the end user. In practice, this means having information and insight into […]