The Demand of Supplies

transportation spend management system

Before the Pandemic, logistics were largely taken for granted. A company’s supply chain was simply how it acquired the units it eventually sold to its customers, a step towards the actual core competency. Getting the goods to the right market was something that needed to be done, certainly, but not a major concern for leaders.  Simpler […]

Freight Audit & Pay: How to Offset Concerns Over Inflation

freight audit & pay

Markets, including the freight market, are made up of individuals. So, when individual consumers are reporting rising angst about inflation, it’s safe to say that those same concerns will eventually be reflected in marketplaces around the United States. The freight market, and on a larger scale the supply chain industry as a whole, has just […]

Freight Audit & Pay: Avoiding Fees

transportation spend management system

Large markets like the transportation sector take time to shift, but in the end, everything is cyclical. For the past few years, fueled largely by the supply chain chaos caused from the global Pandemic, carriers have been the ones calling the shots. Across the board, fees were added, rates increased, and service guarantees all but disappeared. […]

Transportation Spend Management: A Comprehensive Solution

Transportation Spend Management System

The last few years have been a roller coaster ride for many industries. But, due to a confluence of factors, the logistics sector in particular has had an especially rough time of it. And according to the Wall Street Journal, it doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon. While some companies […]

Freight Audit & Pay: Simplify Your Supply Chain

simplify supply chain

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci In our modern world, simple is hard to find. Technological innovation has made it possible to dream big, and achieve things previously thought impossible. But, the interconnectedness of our now global systems has also illuminated just how complicated the world can be. The logistics industry is no […]

What Is a Freight Audit & How to Find the Best Auditor?

Freight Auditor doing a Audit

What Is a Freight Audit? A freight audit is straightforward in theory, but complex in practice. Simply put, a freight audit involves looking over invoices from transportation providers to ensure accuracy. Because a freight audit examines the invoices for billing errors, freight audit companies will usually offer to pay the invoices as well. Most of […]

Freight Audit: How You Can Mitigate Rising Transportation Costs

freight audit transportation costs

Gas Prices Are Soaring as Inventory Hits All-Time High According to the latest report from the Logistics Manager’s Index, March was a tough month for shippers. While inventory levels across the country are at an all-time high, transportation capacity is stretched to the max. And with sustained Russian aggression in Ukraine, gas prices continue to […]

Freight Audit and Payment: Why It Matters to Supply Chains

transportation management system

Before we get into why auditing your company’s freight bills is so important, let’s explain what we mean by the term Freight Audit and Payment. In simple terms, freight audit and payment refers to any resources, whether they be technological or labor based, that are used to ensure accurate and timely handling of a business’s […]

COVID-19: Helpful Ways To Use Technology During Crisis

  We hope that all who can are working remotely and staying safe amidst the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At this time, many businesses are being thrown for a loop, and some have been upended entirely. During this unprecedented time, we are here to help the transportation and logistics industry and the teams that support […]

Four Common Carrier Charges to Avoid

Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions CEO Brad McBride recently wrote a thought leadership article for Parcel Industry magazine on the 4 Most Common Carrier Charges that shippers should be aware of. Here are some of the most common carrier fees that parcel carriers dole out:   1. Address Correction Fees Address correction fees happen anytime the […]

How to Get a More Accurate 2020 Budget

The carriers are announcing their General Rate Increases (GRIs) for next year, but what can you expect, exactly? As you create your 2020 budgets, don’t rely on the average increase that the carriers publicize. Those figures don’t take into account the details that contribute to your actual increases. There are many factors to consider, such […]