Supply Chain Visibility: Accuracy Beats Speed

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Since the last pandemic, e-commerce orders have been surging. During lockdown, shoppers had no choice but to buy online, and the ability of businesses to deliver goods directly to a customer’s front door was vital. After the worst of the crisis though, e-commerce and home delivery options continued to be in high demand. Customers grew […]

Diversifying Your Carrier Portfolio

The idea of a ‘One-Stop Shop’ has always been tantalizing. For the vast majority of projects, knowing where to look for resources or services, and then managing multiple sources or partners, has always been the difficult part. The same is true in logistics. A simplified carrier portfolio has always been the Holy Grail for shippers. […]

Supply Chain Technology: The Digital Revolution Revisited

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At Zero Down, we work hard to not only stay at the forefront of supply chain technology, but to lead the way. Three years ago, we wrote about the Digital Revolution that was quickly changing the supply chain industry, and the possibilities that advancing technologies would bring to the field. Now, in the aftermath of […]

Trusting Your Logistics Partner

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The Importance of Trust As human beings, trust is fundamental to a successful life. From forming and maintaining relationships in our personal lives, to achieving our annual goals in the professional world, everything is built on trust. We rely on trust in ourselves and the people around us just to get through the day. But […]

Supply Chain Visibility: Data Sharing In The Logistics Industry

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Supply Chain Visibility: The Future Per The Wall Street Journal: Supply chain visibility has officially moved beyond buzz word status. This week, the White House requested that companies within the logistics space begin sharing their data with one another. To that end, the Biden administration is working on setting up a shared online portal that […]

The 2022 GRI: What You Need to Know

General Rate Increase (GRI)

At A Glance With the end of January rapidly approaching, and many companies having already launched their annual initiatives for the new year, now is the perfect time to take a deep breath, and a good long look around. With that in mind, we here at Zero Down would like to point out some information […]

The Future of Freight: Freight Audit Software

Transportation Spend Management System

What is Freight Audit Software? “. . . CFO’s rated adaptability to new technologies as the top skill for new hires.” Financial Executives International Technology continues to change the way we do business. Data analysis and predictive modeling skills are quickly becoming requirements, as opposed to oddities, as more and more SAAS (Software as a […]

COVID-19: Helpful Ways To Use Technology During Crisis

  We hope that all who can are working remotely and staying safe amidst the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At this time, many businesses are being thrown for a loop, and some have been upended entirely. During this unprecedented time, we are here to help the transportation and logistics industry and the teams that support […]

Zero Down CEO Featured on Trucking Tower Podcast

The world has turned increasingly digital, so we were pleased that our CEO Brad McBride was asked to join Andy Hedrick on the popular video podcast, Trucking Tower.   In this episode, Brad and Andy discussed personal adventures, their love of sports, and freight industry insights, focusing on how Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions helps companies […]

Four Common Carrier Charges to Avoid

Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions CEO Brad McBride recently wrote a thought leadership article for Parcel Industry magazine on the 4 Most Common Carrier Charges that shippers should be aware of. Here are some of the most common carrier fees that parcel carriers dole out:   1. Address Correction Fees Address correction fees happen anytime the […]

Cloud-Based Technology: One Login for Access to All Modes

Cloud-Based Technology

If you aren’t already familiar with our proprietary top logistics technology FreightOptics, we’re pleased to tell you how our platform brings supply chain visibility and savings to our clients.   FreightOptics is the supply chain industry’s most advanced software system. Our cloud-based platform was conceptualized by a team of industry leaders in search of a […]

How to Get a More Accurate 2020 Budget

The carriers are announcing their General Rate Increases (GRIs) for next year, but what can you expect, exactly? As you create your 2020 budgets, don’t rely on the average increase that the carriers publicize. Those figures don’t take into account the details that contribute to your actual increases. There are many factors to consider, such […]