Supply Chain Solutions: Sight Beyond Sight

supply chain solutions

In the latest Logistics Report from the WSJ, industry experts are predicting that we won’t see a significant rise in freight demand until later this fall. The reason being that many retailers are still working through a glut of inventory stockpiled during the Pandemic. This coincides with the most recent edition of the Logistics Managers […]

Unavoidable Package Strike: UPS Contract Negotiation Looming Large

supply chain solutions

Twenty-five years ago, Teamsters Union members working for UPS went on strike, leaving thousands of packages sitting idle and disrupting distribution networks nationwide. The impact was felt at every level, from small business owners to industry giants, with many even calling for the government to step in and get things moving again. This strike happened roughly two decades […]

Supply Chain Solutions Guide

Supply Chain Solutions

Digital Supply Chain Solutions According to a recent report by MHI and Deloitte, 80% of supply chain leaders surveyed said that the Pandemic had accelerated their company’s digital transformation. Businesses everywhere are still dealing with the effects of global lockdowns, and supply chain bottlenecks and disruptions are quickly becoming the new normal. Decision makers looking […]

Managed Services

Getting Results

What Are Managed Services? Managed Services is a term that is everywhere these days. As companies grow in size and complexity, more and more decision makers are looking for turn-key solutions for problems outside their core competencies. Constant customer demand for faster, easier to use, and more comprehensive products means that most businesses don’t have […]

Supply Chain Visibility: See What Your Business is Missing

supply chain visibility

What is Supply Chain Visibility? In the broadest sense, supply chain visibility, or SCV, is the ability of a company to identify and track every piece of their product line from the beginning of its production life cycle, to the moment it’s sold to the end user. In practice, this means having information and insight into […]

Supply Chain Optimization: Definition, Benefits and Techniques

what is supply chain optimization

What is Supply Chain Optimization? As the global logistics landscape continues to be reshaped by the Digital Revolution, supply chain optimization, network optimization, and similar terms are becoming more and more popular. But what does it actually mean to “optimize” your supply chain, and more importantly, how does that affect your business, and thus your customers? […]

Orchestrators of the Supply Chain Industry

Orchestrators of the Supply Chain Industry

By Saxon McBride, Operations Manager   I have always been fascinated with the term “orchestration.” Being a cello player who has participated in many different orchestras, I immediately saw the correlation between an orchestra and the world of business. Every good orchestra has an even better conductor; someone who can draw on the strengths of […]

COVID-19: Helpful Ways To Use Technology During Crisis

  We hope that all who can are working remotely and staying safe amidst the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At this time, many businesses are being thrown for a loop, and some have been upended entirely. During this unprecedented time, we are here to help the transportation and logistics industry and the teams that support […]

Zero Down CEO Featured on Trucking Tower Podcast

The world has turned increasingly digital, so we were pleased that our CEO Brad McBride was asked to join Andy Hedrick on the popular video podcast, Trucking Tower.   In this episode, Brad and Andy discussed personal adventures, their love of sports, and freight industry insights, focusing on how Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions helps companies […]

Four Common Carrier Charges to Avoid

Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions CEO Brad McBride recently wrote a thought leadership article for Parcel Industry magazine on the 4 Most Common Carrier Charges that shippers should be aware of. Here are some of the most common carrier fees that parcel carriers dole out:   1. Address Correction Fees Address correction fees happen anytime the […]

How to Get a More Accurate 2020 Budget

The carriers are announcing their General Rate Increases (GRIs) for next year, but what can you expect, exactly? As you create your 2020 budgets, don’t rely on the average increase that the carriers publicize. Those figures don’t take into account the details that contribute to your actual increases. There are many factors to consider, such […]