Reshaping Your Supply Chain for the Modern World

Supply Chain Solutions

Today’s world operates on scales and timelines previously unheard of throughout human history. More and more, sweeping global changes take place over the course of days, if not hours, affecting billions of people at a time. And there’s no sign of things slowing down. The massive upheavals brought about by the previous pandemic served as […]

Outsourcing Your Logistics: The Importance of Maintaining Supply Chain Visibility

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Peak Season is getting closer, and this year, some big-name retail chains are reportedly trying something new: selling their logistics and fulfillment services to other shippers. Thanks to sustained supply chain hurdles and a continued demand disparity, many retailers are lowering their projections for the rest of the year, as inventories continue to remain high […]

Parcel Audit: Finding Savings in Hard Times 

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It’s never a good sign when inflation is front page news. While demand and inventory levels are starting to level out, gas prices continue to soar, driving up transportation costs at every step. On the parcel side, UPS and FedEx are in no hurry to reinstate their GSR’s or money-back guarantees, respectively. Instead, peak surcharges […]

Filing Carrier Claims: An Underrated Source of Savings

carrier claims

Is It Worth It to File Carrier Claims? Let’s face it, filing claims with your carriers can be a pain. Parcel or freight, no matter the mode, the claim’s filing process can be tedious, time-consuming, and if handled poorly, unprofitable. Unfortunately, this leads many businesses to throw in the towel and divert resources to other […]

Supply Chain Analytics: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

supply chain analytics

What Is Supply Chain Analytics? Gathering data these days is not hard. Digital tools are everywhere, collecting information constantly. Today, we measure and codify almost everything about ourselves and the world around us. Sharing that data is also relatively easy. There are more communication channels available and accessible today than ever before, by far. The […]

Packaging Analysis: Are You Shipping Air?

packaging analysis

Supply Chain Efficiency Savy shippers are always looking for savings, and here at Zero Down, finding savings is what we do best. On this blog we write a lot about Audit and Optimization, as those are two important ways to increase supply chain visibility and save money on transportation costs. But there are other areas […]

What Is a Freight Audit & How to Find the Best Auditor?

Freight Auditor doing a Audit

What Is a Freight Audit? A freight audit is straightforward in theory, but complex in practice. Simply put, a freight audit involves looking over invoices from transportation providers to ensure accuracy. Because a freight audit examines the invoices for billing errors, freight audit companies will usually offer to pay the invoices as well. Most of […]

3 Ways to Solve Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Supply Chain Bottlenecks

The last two years have been a watershed moment for the logistics industry. The effect of the global pandemic on shipping during this time has been immense, and doesn’t seem to be going away. Shippers have had to deal with fluctuations in prices, shifting demand, shortages, excess inventory, and delays at every stage. All these […]

Parcel Audit Service

parcel audit

Importance of a Parcel Audit Service Customers are asking a lot these days. They want businesses to have exactly what they are looking for, every time. They want it shipped directly to them, as quickly as possible. And they want updates provided at every possible step along the way. In order to stay competitive in […]

Parcel Audit Service

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Importance of a Parcel Audit Service In the logistics industry today, there’s nothing ‘small’ about parcel services. Every marketplace in our current economy is dominated by e-commerce and direct delivery services, with customer demand for both on the rise. Technological innovations in shipping software, coupled with increased efficiencies in transportation systems across the board, have […]

Filing Claims: When Shipping Goes Wrong

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  The Pursuit of Perfection The logistics industry these days is a global force, driving or contributing to every single physical or digital marketplace currently in operation, anywhere in the world. Modern supply chains span countries and continents, utilizing multiple carriers to draw from numerous suppliers and manufacturers, delivering to countless customers, in record time. […]

Orchestrators of the Supply Chain Industry

Orchestrators of the Supply Chain Industry

By Saxon McBride, Operations Manager   I have always been fascinated with the term “orchestration.” Being a cello player who has participated in many different orchestras, I immediately saw the correlation between an orchestra and the world of business. Every good orchestra has an even better conductor; someone who can draw on the strengths of […]