Find out your REAL rate increases for 2019


‘Tis the season for annual carrier rate increases!

FedEx and UPS may have both announced an average 4.9% increase in FedEx fees and UPS fees, and USPS a 2.5% increase, but do you know what your ACTUAL increase will be?

As the supply chain industry hits its holiday peak, GRIs threaten to deplete 2019’s bottom line. But don’t take the average increase figures to the bank! There are many variables that factor into what kind of rate increase your company will actually see. Depending on your specific shipping characteristics, the services you use, your packaging sizes, small parcel spend, and more, there are many different ways that GRIs can affect your rates.

Find out your REAL rate increases for 2019

Zero Down is your resource to help you mitigate and accurately prepare for these increases in supply chain expensesand extra charges when shipping. Our expert team’s consultative-style approach and our industry-leading best supply chain technologycan help you to translate exactly how your bottom line will be affected by GRIs in 2019.

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