Freight Audit & Pay: How to Offset Concerns Over Inflation

Markets, including the freight market, are made up of individuals. So, when individual consumers are reporting rising angst about inflation, it’s safe to say that those same concerns will eventually be reflected in marketplaces around the United States. The freight market, and on a larger scale the supply chain industry as a whole, has just started to recover from the devastating effects of the most recent pandemic. The last thing shippers need now is more fears about the economy. 

While global marketplaces and macro-economic trends may be out of most shipper’s spheres of influence, there are things individual companies can do to protect themselves and their customers from the effects of inflation. Optimizing internal processes and costs is the best way to establish a protective buffer against these external factors. 

In other words: When prices (and concerns about prices) are rising, Efficiency is King. 

For the logistics industry, that means maximizing the output from current resources while minimizing costs. It just so happens that the Freight Audit & Pay services of Zero Down’s Transportation Spend Management System, FreightOptics, were specifically designed to do just that. 

Our system is the most advanced digital platform on the market, automating transportation processes across all modes. For companies with limited resources or expansive dreams of scaling up, the Freight Audit & Pay services of FreightOptics can be a game changer. On top of helping to maximize internal resources, the added visibility and accuracy of our Transportation Spend Management System provides leaders with the data they need to make the decisions that matter. 

The other aspect of efficiency is minimizing costs. The Freight Audit & Pay services of FreightOptics automatically sort through every carrier invoice with a fine-tooth comb, pinpointing savings down to the penny level. Our expert team then follows up behind the scenes to ensure our clients get exactly what they are owed. 

Fears about the economy are not unfounded. But businesses and their customers will be better served if leaders respond to those fears with efficient effort, rather than hunkering down to try and weather the storm. Now is the time for action, for solutions . . . not hesitation. 

If you’re ready to optimize, reach out to us today for a Free Demo, and let us show you how you can ship better.