eCommerce is Sizzling, and the Last Mile is Feeling the Heat

As the final step of the delivery process from a distribution center or facility to the end user, last mile delivery can range from a few blocks to 100 miles. Though it may only be a small part of the shipment’s journey in terms of distance, that final stretch is actually the most crucial. With [...]

Supply Chain Professionals See Salary Hike as Companies Pay More to Save More

Companies are raising salaries for supply chain executives in an effort to compensate for the increased costs of making and moving goods. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the average salary for supply chain professionals rose 4.1% in 2017, outpacing broader U.S. wage [...]

What You Need to Know NOW About UPS’ Rate Increases

At Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions, it is our primary objective to keep you informed of the latest rates and fees imposed by carriers.

Global Logistic Properties Seeks Buyers

Warehousing giant Global Logistic Properties Ltd. is in preliminary talks with various parties to sell itself as one option under a continuing strategic review.