Consumer Products & Food Service

Case Study: Freight Audit & Payment, Parcel Audit, Business Intelligence, Freight Bid Project, TMS, & Cost Allocation

Client Description: A leading global consumer products and food service provider with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands.

Problem to Solve: The client needed to organize, understand, and optimize their transportation shipments and contracts.

Solution: Zero Down became the client’s end-to-end provider for Audit (Parcel, Freight), Business Intelligence (providing reporting and a custom dashboard so upper management can make informed decisions), Freight Payment with Cost Allocation (simplifying things for the AP department as the client has many divisions and high volumes), and TMS (for centralized routing). Additionally, the client selected Zero Down to handle their Domestic Freight Contract Negotiation (over an incumbent and large nationwide competitor) allowing us to negotiate the most market-competitive rates for their multiple divisions and lines of business.

Outcome: The client is able to save resources in their analytics, AP, and operational departments, while improving their decision making, centralizing their operations, and making better decisions.