E-Commerce Shipper

We worked with the owner of a $10M+ business that ships salon/beauty products through their website, Amazon and eBay.

We reduced costs significantly in the following areas:

    • Parcel Optimization: We guided our client in negotiating an 18% reduction in small parcel costs on a 3M+ budget and assisted them with the implementation of a new carrier.
    • Parcel Audit: Our small parcel audit has achieved 4% recovery of the carrier’s billings that were billed incorrectly and rightfully due to our client.
    • Domestic Mail: We introduced our client to a solution that lowered costs on USPS domestic mail shipments. The company saw the benefit of lowered pricing (which fluctuated by zone), versus what they were paying USPS, along with improved transit times. Our client switched to the carrier we recommended in areas that made the most sense, ultimately achieving double-digit savings.
    • International Mail: This company had already achieved a price reduction on the international mail segment of business four months prior to becoming our client. We were able to further negotiate better rates which produced an additional 17% reduction in international mail costs.