We bring efficiency and accountability front and center with our custom, multipoint forensic data audit

Audit Capabilities

Rate/Service Audit • Claims • Allocation • Bill Pay • Lost and Damaged Claims Processing

Our thorough and extensive auditing process makes sense of the thousands of data points in each carrier invoice, checks the invoices for accuracy and extracts the most relevant data on your behalf as information you can leverage. We perform a forensic data audit on each shipment, looking for the big and small. From service failures, to incorrect or missing discounts, to erroneously-billed surcharges, such as residential or address corrections, our system uncovers every inaccurate charge you can use for reimbursement to your account. Our Audit service also includes Lost and Damaged Claims Processing. If your shipments are lost or damaged, you are entitled to refunds that we help you collect.

When you audit with us, there is ZERO up-front investment and ZERO IT involvement required.

With our Audit service, customers typically save 2-5% of their small parcel spend. We create a self-funding channel that provides continuous savings.

How long does it take? Our clients typically see refunds within 7 days.

We don’t get paid for our efforts, we get paid for results.

You Can't Control What You Don't Measure & Monitor.

Do You Check Every Line Of Your Carrier Invoices?

FreightOptics performs a thorough and multifaceted forensic data audit.

Target Areas For Refunds

  • Service Failures
  • Manifested Not Shipped Charges
  • No Proof of Final Delivery Recoveries
  • Incorrect Accessorial Charges
  • Address Corrections
  • Residential Surcharges on Commercial Shipments
  • Incorrect Rate Applications
  • Duplicate Shipment Charges
  • No Discounts Applied
  • Wrong Discounts Applied
  • Loss and Damages