Optimize Your Supply Chain With Our Industry Leading Expertise And Technology By Your Side.

Accurately comparing one rate agreement to another is more complicated than it seems. Our Optimization service automates the whole process, finding all your blind spots for you.

We provide contract negotiation support and bid management, saving you considerable time, effort, and money. Our in-depth analysis will find savings down to the penny, complete with a total landed cost side-by-side comparison, across multiple carriers, and proposals.

You make all final decisions, armed with our knowledge, and backed by our industry leading technology.


10 – 30% savings are typical, which is unmatched in the industry.
Most clients do not need to change carriers to see savings.
Our clients make all final decisions.

Our Six Phase AAAAIM Process:

  • ACCURACY We review your current rate agreement, uncovering the blind spots.
  • ALIGNMENT We set the benchmark for the project and agree upon the strategy for the negotiation with you.
  • ADVISEMENT We provide the initial bid data and verbiage to start the negotiation, with the carriers you have selected. We analyze incoming proposals and provide appropriate responses until you achieve the rates you’re looking for.
  • AGREEMENT You sign the agreement with your chosen carrier.
  • IMPLEMENTATION We monitor your shipments under the new agreement to ensure you are being invoiced appropriately.
  • MAINTENANCE We provide quarterly business reviews and periodically assess your account for additional savings opportunities. As the carriers institute changes, we will review your account to see if there is an impact and engage you on mitigation strategies.

We review your current agreements and devise a strong negotiation strategy. With our team on your side, we provide initial bid data and verbiage for negotiations, analyze bids proposals and provide responses until you are satisfied with your rate proposal.

After implementing the new proposal, we then monitor your shipments and ensure you are being invoiced accurately. We also walk you through the invoice so there is clarity and complete understanding.

You make all final decisions, and typically don’t have to change carriers in order to save.

When implementing our Optimization service for LTL, we manage the entire bid process for you front and center.

During Optimization, we generate the appropriate documents, send all negotiation correspondence, and manage the entire process.


trusting your logistics partner

How can the Zero Down team help you negotiate better rates?

  • Benchmarking
  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Comparison of Carrier Contracts
  • Consideration of Regional Carriers

Reach out to us to learn more about how our Optimization Services can help your company!