Many shippers only use 60% of the space in a box for their product, on average. That means 40% of the box contains air or filler – and for many boxes, those ratios are worse.

Packaging efficiency has a direct correlation to your transportation cost and a significant effect on your bottom line.

We help save 15% or more of your total supply chain costs with our Packaging Analysis service.

We perform a complete Packaging Analysis that includes an evaluation of:

  • Labor, packaging, transportation and warehousing/storage costs
  • Dimensional weight based changes
  • Automation needs and optimized box sizing opportunities
  • Packaging inventory and management
  • Damaged goods and return ratios

Our success in Packaging Optimization lies in understanding the relationship of packaging to transportation and warehousing operations. By designing the shipping case to fit product into boxes, boxes onto pallets, and pallets into trucks or containers, we impact the key rate factors and reduce logistics expenses.

Our team has completed projects for more than 500 clients over the past 18 years, and in many instances we reduced client costs by millions of dollars in the areas of transportation, warehousing, packaging, labor, and material.

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