If you have a high volume of parcel and freight shipments and potential Lost and Damage claims, or simply have a high value claim, there is more than one way to recover your loss. We offer a variety of Claim Management services and offer solutions designed to fit your company’s specific needs.

Full Service

With our full-service claims management, we take care of everything from claim filing to negotiation to resolution. We offer hands-on claims management and will follow up and negotiate with carriers as necessary, rather than just submitting paperwork. Our team also provides management reports for complete transparency.

Freight Claim Assistance Program (FCAP)

Want to become more effective at freight claim filing? With our Freight Claim Assistance Program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of freight claim management, even when dealing with difficult-to-recover claims like concealed damage or dropped trailer claims.

Shared Services

With our shared services program, you start the process by filling out the claim form and we reduce our processing fee. We then take that information and do the follow-up, negotiations, and reconciliation, ensuring you will always recover the maximum amount of your claim.

Post Audit Service

Capture every dollar owed to you with our Post Audit Freight Claim service. Our team will review claims that were either paid or denied by carriers, as well as unfiled losses and damages that could result in a recovery of claim dollars. Receive expert freight claim legal advice and only pay if we recover additional funds for you.


High Recovery Rates

Our recovery rate is 90 – 95%, and we don’t limit ourselves to collecting reimbursements from carriers. When carriers are not liable, we look to suppliers or other responsible parties to compensate you for your loss or damage.

Fast Claim Resolutions

We average claim resolution in less than 70 days. This is compared to the 120 days that carriers have to resolve a claim. Quick resolution is essential for avoiding cash flow issues.

Experienced Team

Our team has extensive expertise spanning over 30 years. Our experience on both the shipper and carrier side allows us to negotiate effectively and resolve claims quickly in the best interest for our clients while achieving the maximum payout.

Solve the Root Issue

We treat the root cause, not just symptoms. We provide reporting to identify and correct root causes such as poor packaging, problem carriers, or careless shippers.

We also provide other services that complement our Parcel and Freight Claims process such as Insurance and Packaging Analysis. Click the links below to learn more.


Our Results

We increased one company’s claim recoveries by 700% and recovered a claim for $43,000 in just over 2 months. Our approach maximizes the results achieved.

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